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How intense are the STAR Activators?

STAR Activators are an extremely precise stimulus that may appear rather intimidating. It's in part, the very reason for their effectiveness. But how to handle the intensity? Slowly, gently, while breathing, patiently waiting for the tissue to open. Not forcing or rushing your body to relax, it will tighten up if you move too fast.  Penetrating with precise depth into muscle tissue is important. Just as a massage therapist applies precise force using knuckles, fingers, and elbows, the activators also provide the shape required for penetration into the 3 dimensions of a muscle fiber.  The body will adapt to whatever you place on it, and in it. Use this truth for you own benefit.

But just how precise and effective are these 'activators?' And should you be concerned that they may cause damage to your muscle tissue? I've written in previous blogs about the body's natural ability to adapt to most things that challenge it. Take Laird Hamilton, Professional Big Wave surfer (  Each year Laird has increased the size of the waves he rides. He has capped the wave heigth at 100', but until now, he's gone from 30' to 40' up to 80' waves. His body's ability to handle the stress and speed and aggressiveness of riding an 80' wave has adapted. And if he falls, he has learned how to do so to stay alive. 

This is a 'lifestyle adaptation' that creates 'superhuman' qualities and abilities. I use Laird as an example of how the body can learn to do just about anything if given the right 'stimulus' experience.  If this is true, my claim is that spending time with intense, therapeutic pain is the most unbelievably healing and nurturing experience we can offer our bodies. 

Yes, the activators are precise and intense and will challenge your body's dense, bundled, tight muscle tissue. But it won't always be the case. As you transform your tissue, it will require less and less effort to keep the tissue at an optimal state of health. These ideas can't be understood until you experience the cascade of healing that occurs when muscles release and soften.  Our experience of our body's current states of health can always be challenged. The way we move is our reality, but we can constantly change it and create new ways of moving and feeling. 

5 key ways to create a cascade of healing experience with your recovery effort.

  1. Find one area to target and allow the tissue to respond to your stimulus.
  2. Give your body adequate time to respond. This can vary for each individual.
  3. Consciously continuously be letting go of the tension.
  4. Be consistent with your recovery effort in the beginning, as tissue improves, maintain as needed.
  5. This is your therapy, be committed to the outcome of optimal tissue health.