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3 tips for making your Superbowl therapeutic and memorable

I'll admit it, I'm not a big football fan. Normally the 1st football game I watch, and only football game I watch is the Superbowl. No big deal, its' just not my sport. Too much standing around and too little action. But no complaining here, if you dig the game, enjoy it! 

Here's a list of 3 things, depending on your environment, for watching the big game. I hope they may make how you feel on Monday, worth the effort and worth remembering. 

  1. As you begin to feel the stress of your team missing catches, or getting penalties for something they did wrong- give yourself a break and start moving in the place your standing, or sitting. Subtly, with small, almost imperceptible movements, begin swaying like you are the 70% water you're comprised of and shift your bodyweight. This small, shift in your body mechanics and posture can reset your nervous system and tune you into your breathing. It also breaks up the postural pattern you are probably repeating unconsciously everyday. No major swaying here else people are liable to take your keys and call you a cab. 
  2. As you start screaming when your team scores a touchdown; focus on using your stomach to relax, and then contract and tighten. Draw in your belly button towards your spine, and squeeze the last breath of air out of your lungs. This exercise alone helps develop your stomach muscles and is an easy way to give your abs a workout without assuming the situp position. This is especially helpful while consuming adult beverages. Breathing should be inhaling through your nose like you're smelling a rose, and breathing out through your mouth like your blowing out a candle. This can also help relieve tension when, for example, your wife, who is a Seahawks fan, is screaming as the Seahawks are on their last drive, inside the 10, and threw the devastating interception last year. Great time to practice breathing.
  3. If there are kids in the house, get down on your hands and knees, and start playing alongside them. A navy seal tried to imitate the movements of a toddler and within a short period of time was exhausted. Observe how these little beings are moving around. Despite the fact they are learning so many new skills, their physical activity is on another level. If you don't believe me, try and follow their movements exactly. Reply to this post if you do any of these suggestions. I'd love to hear how they go.  

Get your friends to film it, it will certainly make for a memorable Superbowl. Enjoy the game!