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5 Reasons Why Every Fitness Trainer Should be STARwrap Certified

1) Reduce your client's risk of injury

When a client gets injured, they normally stop their training sessions, and that means your business takes a hit. STARwrap Certification teaches how most injuries are identifiable and preventable. Learn why the body builds up overuse tension, and how to get rid of the injury inducing muscle tightness.

2) Improve muscle function for better performance

Your client wants to see advantages to their training efforts. Many times muscles are handling the stresses of their training, body mechanics at work, and the many adaptations that occur as we age.  They need specific help to bring them back to a more optimal level of tissue health. We will teach you exactly what is needed so your client's muscles more fully contract and relax, making your job easier.

3) Empower clients with easy-to-do recovery strategies

The STARwrap is a wearable system which allows for easy applications without adding time to busy schedules. Your clients can take their massage with them at home, giving them additional benefits outside of the gym.

4) Teach clients about their bodies

Many people do not know what causes their pain. The musculoskeletal system is often overlooked as the main culprit for joint pain, arthritis, tendinitis, cramping, poor circulation, and a host of other soft tissue issues that can easily be alleviated with precise, penetrating, deep pressure, muscle stimulus. You will learn much about your own body and in the process be able to teach your clients about theirs.

5) Enjoy the experience of releasing long held muscle tension.

We are learning more about how the body works, and we know that the body adapts to whatever we place in front of it. Yet there is still much to learn when it comes to relaxing muscle tension on your own. We base our work on the research that shows force and consistency determine muscle tone. Learn how to spend quality time unwinding tension and reap the benefits of this underutilized therapeutic approach.

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