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The 2 Factors That Can Help Rid Your Body Of Pain

I meet with more and more people who share their own unique stories of musculoskeletal pain and discomforts. I'm reminded how little is known about the causes of pain, and what can be done to reduce it. It isn't any ground breaking idea, it is quite simply two requirements necessary to restore muscle tissue health.

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#1 is application of direct pressure to the muscles responsible for the pain.

Direct pressure can be massage, foam rolling, tennis balls, and of course the STARwrap. 

We are working for the next month on educational videos that will delineate which muscles and areas of the body to target for specific pain conditions. *Please reply with your musculoskeletal pain complaint and we will create a video just for you on how you can treat it.

#2 is consistency of that direct pressure.

When a client asks me how long should I wear a STARwrap or self-massage or apply any positive stimulus? My answer is as long as it takes to release it. You can't overdue your recovery effort if you are listening to your body. When you feel a muscle relaxing and unwinding under the pressure, it hurts so good. The pain should reduce if you are targeting a muscle and not a tendon or nerve.

What is most important is creating a habit of placing recovery efforts on equal status with training, sport, and exercise.

Finding this balance will unleash your athletic potential.