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Methods of STARwrap Applications


STARwrap + Foam Roller

STARwrap + Foam Roller

STARwrap + STAR Extension

STARwrap + STAR Extension

STACK Method

STACK Method

Be sure to grab the Activators at their base to avoid detaching the velcro. Super glue is an easy fix if this happens.

General Activator -  flat shaped that targets a larger area of muscle tissue. Used for warm-up or cool down.

Linear Activator wedge shaped that targets a muscle bundle. Used for direct pressure on tight muscles.

Trigger Activator - tear drop shaped that targets specific areas of adhesions or trigger points within muscle bundle.

I can honestly say that STARwrap saved my season
— Devotia Moore, Division I, 800m runner, Duke University
- Yael Averbuch, USA Women's National Soccer Team

- Yael Averbuch, USA Women's National Soccer Team

Starwrap has literally allowed me to return to running.

A lifelong runner, I suffered an injury that cut my weekly mileage to close to zero for almost two years.

Working with a rehabilitation specialist trained in the use of Starwrap, I was able to return to running within a month.

Since then, I’ve completed 1/2 and full marathons.

I still use the Starwrap, under his guidance, and remain injury free.

Kevin B
I think the STARwrap has helped me more than anything. I wear it all the time. I think it has really helped my mobility.
— Susan Trillo

My shoulder feels much better! It’s the best tool I have ever used for rehabilitation. It works out my trigger points while I exercise and provides more specific help than foam rolling!
— Susan Oliver, Competitive Triathlete
I love the STARwrap I take it everywhere with me. I take to work, I take it to the gym, I use it at home, even on vacation!
— Stephanie L., fitness enthuthiast
I applied the STARwrap to my elbow last night. The pain is much reduced and mobility improved today. Thanks for your help.
— Stephen N.- Veteran tennis player
Before whenever I had elbow pain, especially after doingOlympic lifts, the next day or the following week I would have pain for the full week. This week I tried, I did it again and had pain, and I tried the STARwrap, put it on, moved it around on different spots starting with the forearm moved it up to the triceps, bicep,
That was two days ago and today it feels fine, ready to go!
— Nick P., Coach at Elevate PHW
I had a horrible cramp above my knee from sparring today. It’s been bothering me for 3 days. I put the STARwrap on for less than 10 minutes, walked around, did some squats and banged out a full workout right afterwards. It feels 90 times better, almost 100.
— Paul Felder, UFC fighter
I got dead legged a couple of days ago, I put on the STARwrap, trained for about an hour, 2 days later, the legs totally fine.
— Henry Smith, Professional Muay Thai / Boxing / MMA striking coach
Tait showed us this awesome wrap like no other. The StarWrap is what helped the healing process. My daughter wore it daily and alternated the areas to have a massage without missing school or any functions. She started it on a Tuesday and was cleared to participate back into sports that Saturday. We believe the StarWrap helped the healing process and now she continues to wear it in different parts on her body before game days and after her games.
— Liz Armijo, Mother of athlete
The pain diminishes after you wear it. I’ve been wearing it for 5 weeks now and the hamstring feels incredibly better. It also helps tight muscles, after I strap it on and wear it for a couple of hours, the muscle releases. It’s extemley convenient, you don’t really notice that you have it on. The different activators help by allowing me to pinpoint the area you want to heal. I’ve seen an improvement in the way my entire body feels because now I feel a lot looser, a lot quicker, and a lot faster.
— Patrick D., Soccer player
I don’t know of a single person that couldn’t benefit from this, athlete or not!
— John Bennett, Strength Coach
Using the STARwrap for a warmup before hitting the tennis courts, I put it on the area that is bothering me and wear it for about 10 minutes, get it nice and warm, get the blood flowing, and take it off when I start to play tennis, take it off, and I’ve noticed a huge difference.
— Joanne J., Avid Tennis player
I found the STARwrap to be an ingenious method for treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. I recommend this to many of my clients.
Jeff Clure, Physical Therapist

Jeff Clure, Physical Therapist

I love the STARwrap. I put it on before I travel to an event, when I get out of my car, I feel better than when I got in.
— Lauren Thompson, Pro Triathlete
I’ve been using it every day for around 30 minutes before and during the first half of warm-up (before faster sprint drills). My hamstring has gotten far better since using it and the issue overall is getting less and less.
— Collegiate Division I Track and Field Athlete